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The company profile

“ELEHIM LLC”, a limited liability company-resident of “Skolkovo” innovation area at the Cluster of Energy Efficient Technologies.

We are specialized in R&D production and sales of various high-tech products in the fields of energy, fire safety and new materials for different applications and investigations for new weapon and civil technologies. Established in 2011, our company office is located in Moscow at the military industrial zone of "Almaz–Antey" Air and Space Defense Corporation”. 30 employees in total are working for "ELEHIM", mainly engineers and technicians. The major stuff is Ph.D. degreed in chemistry, physics, electronics, technical engineering and military sciences. Now we have contracts with several industrial and Governmental military enterprises in aviation, aerospace, missile, shipbuilding and atomic industries to provide new technologies for their programs. At the civil markets, we are cooperating with leaders of energy sector, namely oil gas and coal mining enterprises, as well as metallurgy, chemical, biomedical and machinery industries.

Who we are

Our specialist’s background based from experience acquired during our work in special scientific divisions of The Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation and Federal intelligent services.

Some years ago, we were officers who worked with the outmost breaking technologies, including intelligence technology, finding brilliant ideas for new military technics, researches and development of new materials, equipment and technics. In addition, we took part in the expertise of new technics and its introduction for industrial development. Now we are not part of any Government military organizations, but we accumulate a huge potential in the field of technology transfer to civil markets. We have a number of amazing technologies, but the most interesting is that we have the unique system of the knowledge generation, which is based in special methods of forecasting in the technology fields. Due to that, the Russian weapons are considered one of the best in the world.

How we work

Our methods include people’s teaching of new mind and psycho-technics for successful extraction in breaking-through ideas and their applications in resolving different tasks.

Based on military psycho-technologies, we can get information regarding new technologies worldwide. In the field of insights and forecasts, we are ahead in leading organizations throughout the world. By the way, we were the teachers for a number of our top politics and specialists for analytic departments in the Russian Government Agencies.

The services

Searching of new technical ideas worldwide for the breakthrough technical decisions

Deep insights and forecasts for sciences and technologies

Research and development of new products (“under the order”)

Scientific intelligence (gathering of intelligence information regarding R&D works of different scientific teams and organizations)

Distance diagnostics for any technical systems and devices

Wise and express expertise of technologies and high-tech products

Consulting regarding potentials of new technologies (novelty, advantages and disadvantages, market places and future commercialization ways)

Decisions on intellectual property rights for new solutions

Organization of the new plants for production of high-tech products

Teaching of scientists, engineers and R&D managers of the special brainstorm technics for accuracy and quick getting of the required technical information

The services are confident and safe as well as do not break the Law.

Our products

Due to diversity of our works, we invented and introduced to the Russian markets a number of own new products and decisions. Among them are the follows:

New firefighting liquids and powders for different applications (including items for extinguishing metal fires, explosion suppression, extra high temperature fires up to 4000°C, fires at deep freeze right low to -60°C (details can be seen at www.mgsafe.ru)

New chemicals and devices for fine and safe disruption of frozen coal and other frozen powder or granular materials

Some new materials and medicaments for surgery and dentistry (see details рудент.рф )

A strengthened magnesium alloys and new flux agents for Al and Mg safe casting

What we offer

We have a great potential in presenting skills and products that could be adopted in leading High-tech companies, scientific and education centers, R&D organizations and technology transfer centers. Our focus target is to provide the market makers, the leading R&D centers and the companies who attempt to achieve an overtaking position in the market with the best technical decision not been used until now. In addition, we seek for potential partners working in other professional services, manufacturers and in consulting fields.

Get In Touch

Have an idea or an epic project for us? Talk to us. Let’s work together and make something great. Drop us a line at  elehim.ru@gmail.com

Where to Find Us

Russia, 143026, Moscow,
The Skolkovo innovations city, apt.7, office 50/3

For press

Russia, 125367, Moscow, Polessky passage, 16/1 office 218

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